6 Benefits of frameless glass shower screens

Does our bathroom look decidedly dull? Do we long for a modern look, streamline bathroom, but without having to undertake full renovation? If that sounds familiar, then we have found the right page, we can help!

Today’s modern world uses attractive glass in home furniture and it gives a sleek, elegant and refined finish. In fact, it is rare to see a home that does not have a glass panel in it! There is so much modern technology in home development too, and much of it uses glass especially in housing architecture. High-quality glass panels and screens definitely improve the look of a home. We can also add a modern look with ease just by including frameless glass shower screens in the bathrooms. Not only are they exceptionally attractive, they also add value to our home. There are plenty of benefits in having a frameless glass shower screen in Singapore, so read on to find out what the advantages are.


There is no doubt that an ordinary shower curtain looks dull. By now, everyone knows that smart frameless shower screens offer far more elegance in bathroom design and plenty of visual appeals. Moreover, frameless glass shower screens increase the value of our home.


A glass shower screen often lasts a lifetime. Modern technology dictates that glass panels are made with precision today and are created to be durable, long-lasting and be used on a daily basis.


Some shower enclosures, such as shower curtains, usually come in single size and design only. However, if we go with custom glass shower screens, we will have the chance to create a custom solution for our bathroom. Customize glass shower screens are most likely to be useful to those who want to renovate their showers. The shower was not designed with the rest of the bathroom. Our contractor will handle the problem and take into account the design process to ensure that the shower screen will fit perfectly in our bathroom.

Easy to clean

One of the great advantages of glass shower screens is that they are far easier to clean than old framed styles or a shower curtain. Moreover, clear glass does not stain so wiping with a glass cleaner and cloth is sufficient. In general, fully frameless glass shower screens are easy to clean because it allows us to access the whole glass pane.

Low maintenance

Frameless glass shower screens do not require maintenance other than regular cleaning to remove soap residue and water spots. In some cases, some of its hardware such as the hinges and brackets may require replacement. But, we can reduce the risk by having appropriate and regular cleaning.

Natural lightning

We may be one of the homeowners who prefer natural light in the bathroom. Natural lighting is definitely the best light for personal grooming and having a glass shower screen does not inhibit any natural light flowing through the bathroom.

The points mentioned above are just a few of the benefits when choosing to install frameless glass shower screens in any bathroom. For the very best quality in our bathroom, seek out a reliable supplier who can provide premium glass decor. To read more about tempered glass shower screen in Singapore click here.

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