Home Decor Trends Beyond Time and Ages- A Closer Look by Ron Forrester

Who doesn’t want their house to be completely decked up, prim and proper with the latest designing trends embracing right from the walls to every corner of the room? Going by the suggestions of Ron Forrester, who is keen about these home decoration ideas, believe that selecting the timeless idea can actually help you save from this huge investment of decorating your house every single year.

So here are some of the cheeky techniques that can actually save you money.


Ron Forrester reiterates a famous line, no matter which age you are living in, less is always more. Most of the house owners believe that stuffing the floor space with too many desks and shelves will give a filling look to their house. But that is not how it works for the houses. The less you keep your rooms crowded, the tidier your house looks, and obviously less the amount of dust that forms. This is not just for your drawing room or bed room- the rule is universal for all the rooms you have in your house. Make sure you have the idea of the length, breadth, and height of your rooms. The furniture you will be buying must be proportional to the dimensions, to ensure that it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

Accent Colors for A Perfect Match

The trendy colors keep changing from time to time, and every new season you will find a different shade. But how much color do the rooms need to pop? Is it too much of them or just a minimalist touch can serve the purpose? So instead of investing on the color of the couch or the living room, make sure the accessories are in bold shades. Since the availability of these colors is easy, swapping them every season won’t be a big deal at all.

Furniture Counts Only When It’s Functional

Stuffing your rooms with too much of furniture is not decoration. You just fill your houses whose end result is garbage. A glass coffee table only makes your house prone to the accident since there will be kids who would not identify its breakability. Even shelves with no space do not design. So while you visit the mega furniture fair for the next purchase, make sure you get those which will be admired by you and also the guests who will be visiting you during the festivals.

Quality is what counts as far as home decoration is concerned. Your home is not just where you return to find shelter. It is where you find solace for the daily stress you go through. So rather than shopping excessive items, make sure you have the unique items which will add to the quality. Just as said earlier, less is always more, you must take this to be your mantra in home decoration projects. Search more, look for multiple options that you find, and get the best of the lot.

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