Suggested Place to Buy Makassar Gold Silks Pearls Souvenirs

Makassar is one of the famous towns in Indonesia. This town is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, specifically in Sulawesi Island. This is not only a big town, but this is also great and popular for its destinations and history. This town has important role in the history of Indonesia. In eastern Indonesia, even this becomes biggest town. Famous and attractive places can be visited in Toraja. Then, the other thing to do is shopping. Shopping in Makassar can be interesting because this place can offer the experience of modern and traditional shopping. There are malls and some traditional shops where people can find traditional and exotic merchandises of Makassar gold silks pearls. For the culinary, they can try Giant Crabs in restaurants around Makassar. Surely, this town can be good destination.

Related to the modern shopping, it will not be about Makassar gold silks pearls merchandises or souvenirs. The modern shopping is found in the malls with the local, national and international brands of many products. In this case, one of the great spot for modern shopping is Trans Studio Mall Makassar. This is a big mall, even biggest mall in Makassar, and this offers good experiences of shopping. In fact, it is not only about shopping. Entertainment can also be found in this mall. Furthermore, Trans Studio is famous for its theme park. The theme park has many facilities to try and this can be alternative to have family vacation. There will be satisfaction of enjoying shopping and entertainment in this mall and theme park.

Related to the Makassar gold silks pearls crafts or souvenirs, Makassar has several great place to get them. There are many shops and sellers of those handicrafts, and there are also special places where those stuffs can be found in good price and quality. These are some suggested places:

  • For handicrafts of merchandises made of gold, pearls, silvers and wood, JalanSombaOpu is great destination. This is a famous street in Makassar. Along this street, there are many shops offering the merchandises. Many interesting and authentic Makassar handicrafts can be found along this street. In this case, the gold are mostly from the good gold mining in Kalimantan or Borneo. Then, the pearls are taken from the seas in Ambon and Papua. There are also painting and woodcarvings. Even, it is possible to find famous hand-woven silks and clothing from Toraja highlands.
  • It is true that Toraja tribe is so famous and one of them is about the hand-woven silks and cloths. This can be found in Toraja village in a highland. However, it can take time to go there. In the Toraja Highland, they can see the well-preserved cultural heritages, incuding the women who are weaving the silks. If there is no much time for visiting Toraja directly, the hand-wooven silks can be bought in Aneka Sutra as the famous store of Sulawesi fabrics. Complete collection of Sulawesi fabric, including the hand-woven silks of Toraja.
  • There is also PasarButung or Butung Market as the best place to find merchandises and other stuffs in bulk. Buying products in bulks are possible to do in this place. Bags, shoes, T-shirts, clothes, and many other products related to the merchandises can be bought and even the prices can be bargained.

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